Manchester, UK
31 October – 02 November 2018

The RQA Opening Plenary hosted by Fergus Walsh a BBC Medical Correspondent, highlighted the power of data, how medical statistics are misrepresented in the media. as recently seen in many fake news stories. I have long said that Statisticians are the most underappreciated stakeholder in the drug/device development process. Sessions focused across the GxPs with targeted talks of data privacy, including many sessions on GDPR. We all know that privacy is a worldwide concept and through GDPR being realized globally. To implement GDPR and the development processes, various technology tools are used. We heard several presentations by e-system suppliers as well as about artificial intelligence (AI). Many of us were nervous to learn about the uses of AI already in use! Ultimately the conference provided a range of learning opportunities across data integrity asking if the tail is wagging the dog?

FDAQRC was proud to provide two posters at the conference, see them here.

RQA 2018 photos: