As a consultant, you may be expected to travel on behalf of FDAQRC. Sometimes travelling for a project can be stressful and there are a lot of boxes to check. In order to make travelling for FDAQRC as seamless as possible, here are a few reminders when preparing to travel.   

FDAQRC will always provide air or rail travel for consultants via Corporate Traveler. We will work with you to accommodate your travel preferences and required travel times for departure and arrival. This is not something that would need to be included on an expense report because FDAQRC pays Corporate Traveler directly.  

On the other hand, FDAQRC does not pay for lodging directly. We work with Corporate Traveler to make arrangements and book a room for consultants; however, it is the consultant’s responsibility to pay for the room upon arrival. It is important to remember this so you can be prepared for the costs when you arrive. FDAQRC will reimburse the cost of lodging as part of a completed expense report. To receive full reimbursement, our accounting team will need to receive an original copy of the receipt from the hotel, etc. along with the expense report.   

Consultants will be responsible for paying for food and other expenses while travelling for a project. With the proper receipts, these costs will all be reimbursed by FDAQRC. All costs should be outlined in an expense report with a copy of the original receipt attached. Consultants should also follow their Purchase Order regarding costs and reimbursements.  

FDAQRC uses BigTime to track and submit expense reports. The consultant will be responsible for tracking all expenses and submitting them to BigTime. Our accounting team uses BigTime to track expenses and hours in order to properly bill the client and reimburse consultants. If there are questions about BigTime or expense reports, consultants can contact their project manager or the accounting team.  Click here  to read our article about common mistakes and pitfalls while submitting your expense report.

We understand that sometimes there are overages or other unexpected expenses when travelling or working on a project on our behalf. If there are any known overages, consultants should contact their project manager as soon as possible to approve these costs before booking to ensure they will be fully reimbursed.  


Please review our full travel policy in the Consultant Handbook, which you received during the onboarding process.