Pairing The Best People to The Best Projects

Experience the Difference

With us, you don’t have to worry about juggling accounting and creating contracts, all while conducting an audit. FDAQRC simplifies the process so you can focus on applying your knowledge and expertise to each project task.  

Our project managers are with you every step of the way. When assigned a project, consultants will partner with one of our project managers to collaborate with. Project Managers assist in scheduling the audit, contacting the client, proofreading audit reports, and more!  

Our resource department and project managers work to pair the perfect consultant to each client request. Using the information provided in the consultant profile (background, experience, certifications, etc.), our team expertly reviews project needs to ensure consultants are assigned areas where they will excel. 

Join Our Network

At FDAQRC, consultants are at the heart of our work. We value our consultants and prioritize building professional relationships that foster a collaborative experience. Joining out Global Consultant Network comes with many benefits to improve the consulting process.

PM Support

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At FDAQRC, our Project Management Team offers support to our consultants through each step of the process while they’re on an FDAQRC assignment. 

Client Centric

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FDAQRC values all clients and has a notable reputation in the industry. When partnering with us, consultants have unique opportunities to work with our robust client base across the globe.

Personalized Assessment

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Our internal resource team carefully evaluates project needs to expertly match consultants with the correct expertise and experience for each assignment. 

Career Development

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FDAQRC takes the time to build relationships with our consultants and offer career development opportunities through our Partner Program.

Simplified Travel

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FDAQRC Consultants often have the opportunity to travel for us! FDAQRC has a dedicated travel team to handle all the details.

Get Started Today

Become part of our global consultant network in a few simple steps! To register with us, consultants will need to share their competencies, employment history, certifications, and provide writing samples to complete their consultant profile. All the information provided is used to expertly pair consultants with client projects based on knowledge areas, experience, location, etc.

Create an Account

Provide your background, experience, and credentials

Participate in an interview with our team members

Complete onboarding and wait to be assigned your first project 

Please refer to our FAQ section to address common inquiries typically encountered during the onboarding process.

A: No, we are not directly affiliated with the FDA. 

A:  Log out and log back in. Please email if you continue to have issues. 

A: It is important to our clients that we appropriately vet all our consultants. One of those steps is reviewing writing samples. You are welcome to provide redacted reports, blogs/articles you’ve written or answer the writing prompts as listed in the registration process.  

A: Any professional reference is acceptable. It can be a former colleague, manager, etc.  

A: The 3rd party company lead/owner will need to register the same way a consultant will register. The 3rd party will sign the onboarding document packet. The consultant is responsible for signing an FDAQRC Consultant Handbook during onboarding.  


*An Umbrella company is a 3rd party for finance when working with US-based companies.

A: FDAQRC does not provide business cards for consultants. 

A: We do not provide laptops for project work.  We expect all consultants to provide their own laptop.

A: FDAQRC does NOT provide VISA sponsorships.