Home Based Offices with a Global Reach

FDAQRC is a fully remote company.
We are currently operating in 4 different time zones!  This does not limit our work to these areas.

Our global reach extends to locations all around the world. To date, FDAQRC has connected 2,000+ projects in over 60 countries.

Eastern Standard Time
Agnes Stevenson, Project Manager / Auditor
Alicia Watson, Project Coordinator II
Amanda White, Project Manager
Cleopatra A. Dimopoulos, Project Manager
Erich Zirzow, Director of Project Management
Gilbert Audet, Auditor
Janet Lee, Associate Director, Human Resources
Jim Darnell, Director of Remediation
Justin Clowers, Accounting
Karen L Tracy, Project Manager
Michelle Copeland, Vice President
Randal Morris, Senior Project Manager / Auditor
Sam Ragan, Project Coordinator
Sara Calhoun, Project Coordinator
Steve Bliss, VP Business Development
Wendy Kizewski, Project Coordinator

Central Standard Time
Amy R. Fox, Auditor
Amy Wotawa, Project Manager / Auditor
Bonita Thomsen, Senior Quality Auditor
Bri Rico, Marketing Assistant
Christopher Rush, President
Kate Pfahl, Marketing Manager
Kathy Kemp, Auditor
Kim Oldham, Senior Project Manager / CSV Auditor
Krystal Dominquez, Project Coordinator II
Marley J. Blohm, Project Coordinator
Susan Spellman, Project Manager
Tristin Baca, Project Coordinator II
William Renfoe, Project Coordinator

Pacific Standard Time
Camelia Kouki, Senior Project Manager / Senior Quality Auditor

Central European Time
Jessie Aric, Accounting
Michael Tsigkopoulos, Project Manager



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