Happy Founder’s Day, FDAQRC! We are celebrating 14 years of business in October 2023. To celebrate, we are recapping some highlights from this year.  

How It Started

FDAQRC was founded by President Christopher Rush in 2009. Rush is a former FDA employee. He saw a need in the industry to better match high-quality consultants and auditors with regulatory projects for clients, which led to the founding of FDAQRC. The company was developed with the vision of helping others bring about medical innovations that can improve the global population’s quality of life. FDAQRC focuses on using risk-based assessments to improve the health and welfare of the global population.

After establishing a reputation for excellent work, FDAQRC grew rapidly. From 2020 to 2021, the number of internal employees tripled. In 2022, two new departments were created to allow a more robust range of services to assist clients from start to finish.

Empowering Growth

FDAQRC has experienced exponential growth since 2020. Our internal team has tripled in size, and our number of projects has increased by 33.3% consistently over the last 5 years. Our global consultant network has also grown substantially. FDAQRC currently has over 400 active consultants worldwide.

Due to FDAQRC’s reliability and high quality of work, over 85% of our clients continue to bring new projects and requests. Our employees offer our clients excellent customer service, expertise, and timely project deliverables, which keeps our clients coming back.

At FDAQRC, we believe in rewarding hard work, dedication, and growth in our employees. During Q3 alone, FDAQRC promoted six employees. These promotions are representative of FDAQRC’s commitment to our employees and our growth mindset. We encourage our team to continually grow and we honor their career goals with professional development and continuing education opportunities.

FDAQRC developed internal committees to increase employee engagement and assist with the company’s rapid growth. Employees were encouraged to join the committee that best aligned with their interests and expertise. The Face-2-Face committee works hard to plan our company’s annual in-person meeting. Our Employee Engagement and Retention Committee is dedicated to planning and hosting events for our team bonding such as happy hours, book clubs, and more! In a similar vein, the Consultant Recruitment, Engagement, and Retention Committee aims to better engage with our global consultant network through newsletters, training, etc. The Training and Regulatory Updates Committee creates training documents across GxP topics and provides internal employees with updates on new regulatory guidance documents. The System and Vendors Committee is responsible for maintaining documentation of any vendors FDAQRC conducts business with. Last but not least is the Escalation Committee, which works to provide insight and solutions for any client or consultant concerns. Overall, the committees give our employees a chance to be involved in the company’s internal workings that may not be part of their usual responsibilities.

FDAQRC’s Employee-Centric Initiative; Embracing Balance and Wellness

We value our employees and encourage them to embrace a healthy work-life balance. To put this into practice and make it part of our company culture, FDAQRC hosted several internal initiatives for our employees.

Pet Day

At FDAQRC, we love our pets! As a remote team, our pets serve as co-workers, task managers, stress relief assistants, and after-hours buddies. To celebrate National Pet Day, we sent our employees a little treat for their furry companions. Employees’ pets received an honorary FDAQRC title as our unsung office heroes, including Pawditors, Pawject Managers, and Opurrations Managers. Our employees enjoyed sharing photos of their pets dressed up in their FDAQRC-branded bandanas.

Mental Health Month
In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, FDAQRC hosted virtual mindfulness meditations and shared important information regarding mental health with our internal employees throughout the month of May. Employees also engaged in discussions about their struggles with mental health and offered encouragement and suggestions for anyone dealing with their own mental health issue. These discussions helped our employees grow closer as a team and understand each other a little better.

Volunteer Month
In April, FDAQRC participated in National Volunteer Month. We understand the importance of giving back to our communities and making the world a better place. FDAQRC staff were encouraged to set time aside and volunteer in their cities. Employees were given a half day of PTO to use during the month to give back to their communities. Some employees picked up trash around their neighborhoods and parks, some donated clothes, canned food, and even blood. And one employee volunteered to train service dogs! We enjoyed sharing stories and photos from various volunteer opportunities and seeing the impact we could have on our communities! Learn more about how we gave back here!

Wellness Month
During the month of August, FDAQRC hosted a wellness competition between our internal employees as part of National Wellness Month. Employees were given a checklist with healthy habits to try throughout the entire month. Each item checked off the list earned points! The habits on the checklist ranged from improving physical health, promoting mental health/ work-life balance, and self-care. Our team enjoyed sharing pictures of their healthy lunches, recipes, and encouragement to continue making healthy choices every day. To conclude the month, everyone joined for a virtual healthy lunch meeting to discuss struggles, triumphs, and how they plan to continue their wellness journey.  We crowned 6 Wellness Winners at the end of the month as a result to their dedication to the challenge! 

Looking Forward to The Future
With 2023 winding down, we’re eagerly looking forward to all the fantastic things coming our way in 2024. Both inside and outside the office, we’ve got some exciting events to wrap up this year! We are attending RQA in November and have have exciting internal events planned, including our Holiday Happy Hours and Annual Holiday competition, as well as our company face-2-face meeting planned for early 2024! Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on FDAQRC news.

Interested in joining our team? We are always looking to add new talent to our internal team and our global consultant network