FDAQRC's Remarkable Year: A Recap of 2023 Success and Anticipation for a Stellar 2024

FDAQRC experienced great success in 2023. Throughout the year, we invested in our staff, increased total project resources, and connected with industry professionals at various conferences and events.

In 2023; FDAQRC completed 501 projects, with Inspection Readiness being our most requested service of the year. Our global consultant network increased to over 450 active consultants. Our Employees attended several conferences, including the Drug Information Association 2023 Global Annual Meeting (DIA), the Society of Quality Assurance 2023 Annual Conference (SQA), the International Research Quality Association 2023 conference (RQA), and the 2nd Annual GCP Inspection Readiness Conference.

Company President, Chris Rush said it best, “We have laid the groundwork with an amazing team and 2024 has the potential to be our best year yet.” We are looking forward to all the great things FDAQRC has planned in 2024.

Internal Initiatives

To kick off the new year, early in 2024, our team is eager for the FDAQRC annual Face-2-Face meeting which will be hosted in Costa Rica. As a remote team, we leap at any opportunity to get together in-person, share ideas, and catch up. Throughout the meeting, each department shares updates on their processes, major accomplishments, and goals for the coming year. Employees will also break into small groups for committee meetings and brainstorming sessions. One employee explained, “I always leave the face-2-face feeling revitalized and full of new ideas for my upcoming projects.”

Work isn’t the only thing we focus on during the face-2-face meeting! We leave plenty of time for fun activities and team bonding. Many of our employees refer to the face-2-face as a “family reunion.” This is our primary opportunity for our team to interact in person, so we encourage time to catch up and establish friendships with one another. “These bonding experiences during the face-2-face make me feel more connected to the team and more confident reaching out to someone for help.”

In addition to the face-2-face and throughout 2024, our team will have the opportunity to participate in internal initiatives to promote team building. Regardless of how spread out our team may be, we advocate for active participation in events such as National Volunteer Month, Wellness Month, National Donut Day (a company favorite) and more. Through each event, we encourage active discussion as a team, fostering a collective sharing of individual experiences.

Find a recap of our 2022 Face-2-Face here!


Staying In-Touch within Industry
At FDAQRC, we value staying up to date on all the latest industry trends. Our team enjoys the various conference panels and informative sessions to learn about new and relevant industry topics.

FDAQRC is a sponsor at the Society of Quality Assurance 2024 Annual Conference (SQA), in Auora, Colorado in April, and the Drug Information Association 2024 Global Annual Conference (DIA), which will be held in San Diego, California in June. We will have a booth in the exhibit hall at both events.

FDAQRC prioritizes building connections through in-person interactions with clients and consultants. To enhance our event participation, we’ve formed an internal conference committee dedicated to optimizing our presence at various events. This year, we aim to maximize the value of these engagements by strengthening relationships with clients, consultants, and industry professionals.

New Service Offering
FDAQRC is excited to unveil a new service tailored for Europe. In response to the regulatory laws in the United Kingdom (UK) and European Union (EU), we are introducing Qualified Persons (QP) as a key addition to our growing service portfolio. A Qualified Person plays a crucial role in certifying the final batch of pharmaceutical products, ensuring they meet the highest standards for market readiness and consumption.

In early 2024, FDAQRC will be opening an office in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which will allow our Qualified Persons (QP) to assist clients with certifications in both the UK and the EU. Similar to our consultants, all QPs go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they are experts in their GxP area. We are looking forward to growing our active consultant base to include the most qualified, certified QPs.

Our Growing Team

In 2023, FDAQRC management promoted seven standout employees, which opened new opportunities to grow our team. To continue this trajectory, we are actively seeking passionate individuals to join our expanding team. Currently, we invite applications for the roles of GCP Auditors and a GxP Quality Program Manager—key positions that play a crucial role in upholding our commitment to setting industry standards.

More positions will likely be added throughout 2024. Check in on our careers page to see what positions are currently open.

FDAQRC is thankful that our staff are always working to bring the best practices and streamline our processes for our clients and consultants. We are looking forward to a bright future full of exciting opportunities in 2024.